Sunday, 26 February 2017

3 Tips to Help with Coursework Deadlines/Stress

For the past few weeks, all I have been hearing about is deadlines. College have been onto all classes with deadlines and trying to get work completed before the big exam season starts. I usually stress so much over deadlines and then because I'm stressing, it takes me 3X longer to get the work done because I'm worrying about it not being completed. I then end up getting distracted because I'm worrying. (You can see my dilemma!) Over the past few weeks I have been trying a few different things to try and help.

1. Make a List
I have started writing all of the tasks down on a piece of paper. One tip I would suggest is going through all of the work that needs doing and write it simply on paper so you can clearly see everything in one place. 

2. Separate the Tasks
This leads me on to my next point.Try separating it by a unit for coursework or if you have more work, write it in course order. For example, it could be Unit 1 and Task 1, 2, 3 and 4 or Business Tasks 1-5 and IT Tasks 1-7.

3. Be Realistic
I always think I can do more than is actually realistic. Fun fact: Only a few of my task are completed on my long list. I have started to prioritise the tasks that need to be completed first. I only set myself a few tasks to do and then if I complete any more, it's a bonus. If I don't complete all of the work, I try not to worry and work harder the following day. The more you beat yourself up about not doing it, the worse it is. Be proud that you have actually achieved and accomplished something rather than not doing all of what you planned.

I hope these tips help you to stay a little less stressed.

Have you got any tips when completing work/tasks?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x