Sunday, 13 November 2016

3 Gift Ideas - Non-Beauty Related

I feel as though it is now acceptable to talk about Christmas seeing as the John Lewis Christmas ad is out. Every year, I am asked to make a list with a few ideas that I may like for both Christmas and my birthday. Despite that the majority of the list has beauty products on, I do try to put down some non-beauty related ideas to try and mix things up.

Theatre Tickets
One of the first ideas this year for me is theatre tickets. I really enjoy seeing Christmas pantos and it is the only time that I tend to go. However, I will be in London for my birthday and I am planning to try and see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so have asked for tickets to see the show.

Day Trips
There are many places I would still love to visit in the UK so why not plan a little visit? If you know someone that already has everything then why not book to go somewhere and treat them to train tickets or an entry ticket somewhere so that they definitely know that they are going as a little surprise for them.

DIY Gift
You don't have to spend a load of money trying to get a great present. A personal and unique gift is likely to be more meaningful and better appreciated if you have put time aside to actually make something. This could include a scrapbook of photos with both you and them in it and make it really personal to them.

Have you already started to plan what you are getting friends and family or have you actually started buying?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x