Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sephora Sheet Mask - Green Tea

Back in July when I was in Italy, my skin was feeling a little dry as I was using a different sun cream for my face and sitting in the sun didn't help. In the local town was a Sephora, so of course I had a little look around. It was only a small shop so there wasn't much to choose from. However, what I did find were some sheet face masks. Pretty much everyone is using a sheet face mask and wanted to try it for myself. I picked up 4 but have only recently given the green tea mask (this one) a try as my skin had a few blemishes going on.

This mask has been designed to target blemishes and oily skin. It is really simple to follow the instructions as you simply tear the bottom off and pull out the mask. There is a pink layer attached to help keep the product in the sheet but you simply peel this off and apply to your face. Et voila! I was really surprised as to how much product was in the packet and how much was on the mask as I was getting everywhere. I left the mask for 15 minutes and peeled the mask off. The instructions said to massage the remaining product into the skin and let it soak in.

It was a really simple process and I wasn't left with excess mask on my face as I could use it as a moisturiser. My skin felt refreshed and my skin looked calmer which was a bonus!

I will be trying the other masks that I bought to see how they compare and will give an update once they've been tested.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x