Sunday, 17 July 2016

Driving Test Experience

Monday 11th July... TEST DAY!

On Sunday night I kept thinking about scenarios that may happen in my test such as someone running into the road, going too slow, going too fast etc. Everything you can think of was going through my head so I had to out some music on as a distraction to get to sleep. At 1:45am I woke up due to overthinking and couldn't get back to sleep for another 3 hours!

I had breakfast but couldn't bring myself to have any lunch as I felt too sick. Distractions really help to take you mind off it.

I had a lesson before my test and finally managed to calm myself down as I could actually focus on driving rather than everything that may happen. I had my test at 2:32pm and I had the dreaded reverse round the corner as my manoeuvre which is my worst but managed to do it! I pulled back into the test centre, parked up and was extremely happy to be told I had PASSED FIRST TIME!

I now have the challenge of saving up for a car but looking forward to going out on my own and having that sense of freedom.

Have you got your test coming up? Have you already passed?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x