Sunday, 26 June 2016

5 Things To Do This Summer

As we are now officially in Summer and the school holidays approaching, more people are going to be trying to find something to keep busy. I have come up with a few ideas which may lead to some of the best memories of the Summer.

1. Picnic with Friends/Family
You can't really go wrong with a picnic as a large group of people can meet up, have a laugh with a few games whilst enjoying the weather (providing it's sunny!) This can be a really cheap way to meet up and do something without having to spend a fortune of food.

2. Road Trip
If you feel as if you need to have a break then why not go to a different city or the beach for the day and see something different. Travelling is something that I love to do so this would be the perfect excuse without going abroad but still being able to get away.

3. Mini Festival
If you're into your music then why not see if there are any mini festivals happening near you. It gives you the chance to listen to some new music whilst being around people. I love the atmosphere that a festival/music event has and some of my funniest and favourite memories are from them.

4. Camping
Camping is something that either people love or they hate. Providing you're with a good bunch of people, the weather is good and you're not at the top of a massive hill, you're generally alright. You can sit there telling stories whilst sat under the stars with the people who mean most to you and you're guaranteed to have amazing memories and stories to share with people.

5. BBQ
You can't have Summer come around and not have at least one BBQ. I love the smell in the evening being able to sit outside with friends/family and smell the food cooking on the BBQ from each household. This is a true definition of Summer!

Have you got anything planned for the Summer?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x