Sunday, 1 May 2016

Travel Plans for 2016

After reading Holly's post last week, I thought that it was a great way of being able to plan throughout the year and then be able to cross them off as you go along. By doing this, you are one step closer to actually going and have a visual indication of when you go.

I really want to go to London for my birthday this year and have a weekend break and do some shopping whilst I'm there so this is definitely somewhere I want to keep exploring. I have been a few times but only remember a few areas and haven't been to them all.

It has become somewhat a tradition to go to Newquay every summer and I really enjoy going. I find the sound of the sea very therapeutic so it helps me to unwind despite the mad rush of the summer season there.

Venice is a city that I have never been to and I was gutted at the fact we were unable to go whilst we were in Italy last year. As a family, we have decided that when we go back this year we are 100% going as myself and my mum want to visit.

I really enjoy going to the beach as the waves are so relaxing and the feeling of sand through your toes puts me in to a holiday mode. Although Brighton doesn't have sandy beaches, there is something intriguing about sitting on the rocks with an ice cream just watching the world go by.

Where would you like to visit this year?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x