Sunday, 3 April 2016

3 Tips for Packing

I am currently packing my suitcase and hand luggage ready to go on holiday next week so thought that I'd share a few tips I have when it comes to packing.

1. Make Lists
I am always making myself lists so that I am certain to not forget anything. This can be just things I have to get done the next day or things that are really important and can't be forgotten. When it comes to packing, I start making a list of things that I use every day so that I will remember to pack them as well as certain items of clothing that I will need such as a basics or a jacket. This is really important to ensure that nothing is left behind and that you have everything!

2. Take as Little as Possible
This is something that I really struggle with but as I am sharing a suitcase, it is really important that I am not taking the kitchen sink with me. I have tried to take outfits that I can wear with different tops and bottoms so that I can wear something different but I am not taking a completely different clothes. I've also decanted shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturiser into smaller containers so that I am not carrying extra weight that I do not need as I simply won't use all of it in one week.

3. Spare Change of Clothes
When you're travelling, you want to be in something that is comfy and you don't feel restricted in. As the flight I am on is in the morning, we will have the whole day there. I don't want to be in the clothes that I have travelled in so I am taking a pair of shorts in my hand luggage with me so that I can change in to them when I have landed at the airport. Certain hotels won't let you check in to the room until late afternoon so you can't go and get changed. (There is nothing worse that being in jeans and a t-shirt when the weather is so nice and you can't get changed!)

I hope these tips are helpful and that they will help making packing that little bit easier.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x