Sunday, 7 February 2016

Benefit Real Cheeky Party Blush Palette

I was lucky enough to be gifted with this palette from Holly for my birthday. Holly is quite the blush lover as she was the one who bought me Rockateur last year. I ended up sending her a picture once I'd hit pan. I used it on a daily basis so I was really impressed to think it had taken me about 10 months to actually hit pan.

 As soon as I opened this I was in complete shock! I had been wanting to try some new blushes from Benefit after loving Rockateaur so this was perfect.

Dandelion is the one blush I haven't actually tried yet. I prefer more of a darker blush so this didn't shout 'try me' hence the reason I haven't tried it.

Rockateur! Such an amazing product! I highly recommend this! 
I won't go in to detail as I have already done a product review on this here.

Sugarbomb is different to any blush I've tried before due to there being 4 different colours. It adds a slight flush of colour to the cheeks without over doing it. It is a really natural blush with shimmer that gives a really nice glow and I would suit many different skin tones.

Hoola is a matte bronzer that can be used to add colour to the face as well as to contour your face. I'd heard many people rave about this so was really excited to try it. It didn't let me down as I used it to contour, add colour to my face as well as use it in the crease to give my eye a little more definition. Definitely a multi-use product!

Coralista is the one that I have used the most. Due to it being a coral-pink, it matches my skin tone and eye colour really well. The shimmer allows you to have a glow on the apples of your cheek as well as your cheek bones so there isn't a need for highlight (unless you like a really strong highlight) so can't be used on its own. Really impressed with this blush!

Watts up is another product I have seen many people talk about. I have to admit, I prefer a powder highlight simply because I hate applying products with my fingers and I feel as if I am going to rub away product I have already put on my face. You only need a small amount of this to give a lovely glow to the face but you have to blend this out well otherwise you can see exactly where you have dabbed it on.

They're Real mascara was the first product I bought from benefit and I was one of the people who really liked the mascara and got on well with it. I have now moved on the lash sensational and can't see myself changing now as I love it so much. However, with this mascara, I feel as though it doesn't match the lash sensational but it is still better than some of the other I have tried so I will still use it but I wouldn't repurchase it.

They're Real eye liner is another product I haven't actually tried as I don't wear it eye liner anyway. After having tried it about 3 years ago and have it go all over my eyelid (I couldn't apply it straight so it go bigger and bigger each day until I decided not to wear it altogether one day) I have never tried it again. However, I do like the idea of this as the rubber tip is flexible and will always remain a pointed tip so couldn't make my problem much easier and allow me to be more precise.

Overall, I really love this palette and think it is a great way to get you to try new products that you wouldn't normally go for. So for all the fellow blush lovers out there, try and get your hand on this if you can but if not, why not try their gift sets?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x