Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Cooking: Sausage Rolls

Half way into December, it has now become a tradition to make our own sausage rolls. We use ready-made puff pastry as it is so much quicker and simpler and obviously sausage meat. They don't last very long as they're that nice and even more so when they have just come out of the oven and we have guests round.

Start by laying out the sheets of puff pastry.

Cut the sausages up individually as this will make the next step easier.

Using a knife, score the edge of the sausage as you want to remove the skin keeping the shape.

Lay out the meat into rows and cut the pastry into strips.
You may need to spilt sausages up in order fill the length of the sheet.

Whisk up 1 egg as this will create the glazed effect on the pastry.

Fold over the rows to cover the sausage meat inside.

Place them all onto 1 sheet as there isn't a need to have separate sheets anymore and it makes another step much easier later on.

Using a fork, seal the edges by pressing the 2 ends together.

Glaze the edges where you have just pressed down.
(This is optional as it can be done later)

Using a pizza slicer or  knife, cut the rows to make individual rolls.

Cut the top of the rolls and glaze with the egg.

Place them all onto the tray together to make the process much quicker to cook and place them in the oven for 20 minutes at 230 degrees celsius (FAN).

Voila! Homemade sausage rolls (ish!)

Do you cook a certain recipe that reminds you of Christmas? Do you do something which only happens at Christmas?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x