Sunday, 18 October 2015

NCS Graduation

If you read my blog back in July, you will known that I was a participant on the NCS program. On Wednesday 7th October, it was my graduation evening so I was able to go and see all the people who were in my team, people on my wave as well as people from wave 2 and 3. I’d really recommend doing the summer course it if you’re 15-17. I won’t go into detail as I’ve done a week-by-week update so go and have a read of those to see what I got up to.

The dress code for the evening was Hollywood Glamour so you had to make a little more effort in order to fit the code. Our venue was at Center Parcs in Sherwood as it is a central location for everyone to get to. Once you got to the venue, there were tables all numbered across the whole room and you were allocated different tables depending on the size of your group. I decided to sit with the girls who I have become close friends with as all the other members in our group had already decided where they were sitting. The hot buffet was opened once everyone had found their seat whilst team leaders were making their way around the room.

Next was the presentation where people from your team were asked to do a speech on your time during the course. We were then presented with our certificates and had a group photograph taken. This took longer than expected as the speeches were fairly lengthy.

Once this had all finished, you could have a chat with everyone who was there and say goodbye as the program was all done with. We were able to collect our packs with our information in about the opportunities for graduates.

Have you heard about NCS? Have you taken part or thought about it?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x

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