Sunday, 19 July 2015

The NCS Program - Week 3

I must admit, I can’t believe I have already completed 3 weeks of the course and this is my final week with my group! It’s going to be really strange not seeing them everyday and asking what they’ve been doing at the weekend.
Anyway… enough of the soppy stuff!

I have to admit, this week I think has been the most challenging out of the others. In week 3, it all about planning your social action project. As a group, we decided on the charity Sands and decided that all of the money we raise will be going to them. Sands is a charity which helps anything who has suffered from a stillbirth or neonatal death. They have a link with butterflies as they aren't alive for long but they are beautiful whilst they are; the same with the babies.

This has required us to come closer together and become a lot more dependant on each other so that we can get everything completed. I’m not going to big it all up and say it’s the best week and we had lots of fun because it wasn't the sort of week. However, I would say that I have developed skills and had the opportunity to practice during it.

The fundraising ideas we have had are a lads sponsored leg wax, an arts and craft session, a coffee morning and a raffle. This has taken a fair amount of organising as you have to consider sponsors and ring certain businesses who you may think want to be a part of this project but many will turn down you down or ask for either a letter/email to be sent which takes longer as you have to write it all out and then send it them as proof that it is all for charity.

For the coffee morning we decided that we were going to make things to sell. A couple of the girls in my group went round the college asking is they would like to donate anything and came back with bath bombs and other random items. A few of us made us little bath bomb bags and kept the others as they were. There was also going to be a ‘Guess the name of the bear’ taking place on the day so I decided to make the sign.

Have you ever had to plan a charity fundraising event or something similar?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x