Sunday, 7 June 2015

Liz Earle - Cleanse and Polish Cleanser

I bought this about a couple of months ago but have only really used it for the last few weeks. I have noticed that my skin has cleared up and looks a lot healthier than it has done previously. I think that Cleanse and Polish has helped with this.

I used to just take my makeup off with a wipe and go to sleep (I know, its really bad but I was quite lazy with skincare and wanted as much sleep as possible!) I then began using a face wash from L’oreal Paris which obviously helped and I saw and improvement in my skin but I wasn't fully satisfied as I was still having frequent breakouts. After speaking to Holly about Liz Earle, as I knew she used some of the products, and thought I would give it a go.

I still use a makeup wipe to remove my makeup but will go and use this straight after and apply this all over my face and then remove it with a muslin cloth for a gentle exfoliation.

My skin feels really clean and I feel much better now that I am using this in my skincare routine. I would like to try the other scents to see if they are preferred but I will continue to go back and use this product.

Have you tried cleanse and polish or have a personal favourite cleanser that you will always find yourself going back to?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed

Chloe x