Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Shoe Collection - Heels

Ever since I could walk, I was told I had a little shoe obsession. I remember a few years ago, my Mum telling me that when I was 3, I went round to my friends house and went out to play in the garden in her Gran’s gold heels (this just sums me up!)

The first pair are my Sadie Carvela Tan Kurt Geiger heels. These are a favourite in my collection and they go with most outfits. I have paired them with a knee-length black dress and a tan belt which I wore in summer. For winter, I have worn then with a black pair of tailored trousers and a black cami top with a brown cardigan. 

The second pair are my Roberto Vianni heels (sadly I can't find a link for them). They have a suede material on the top and a straw-like texture around the base. My Mum bought these for me as we were going to a wedding and I needed some nude heels to go with my dress. As I have dodgy heels, I have to wear slingback heels so that my shoes stay on and don’t give me blisters. I've found that they are so comfy and fit perfect!

My final pair are the Faith Black Strap High Sandals. I found it really strange that I didn’t have a pair of black heels that fit me. My Mum bought me these as part of my Easter treat. I find these a real staple in my collection as they go with anything!

Which pair is your favourite? Would you like me to do more of these?

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed

Chloe x