Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bardonecchia Ski Trip 2015

This time last week I had already boarded the plane to Lyon Airport and travelled on a coach for another 3 hours to little place called Bardonecchia in order for my 1st skiing trip.

I went with school as I felt this was my only opportunity to try skiing and my family would rather go somewhere hot and relax by the pool than going to someplace covered in snow and skiing for 4 hours each day. I was really surprised how quickly I had picked it the basic manoeuvres (snow plough, parallel stop and turns) within the week. 

I started on the baby slops as it was my first time and need to learn how to turn and slow down and stop. On the third day my group progressed on to the mountain and attempt a blue run which we all managed to complete and I managed to do a few parallel turns as well which I was proud of!

The following day, we were taken up a red slope! (Yes, I was a little scared  to come down after seeing how high up I was and wondering how on earth I was going to down.) It was a new experience as there were sections of ice down the slope which made me even more nervous about the decent.

The best part about skiing was an evening activity which was the torch light decent. We finished our skiing lesson and went for a hot chocolate whilst the sun set behind the mountains. We were then asked to go outside  and put our skis on ready to have the torches put on by members off staff. Once the majority of people had torches on, the rest of us had to follow them down the blue run on the mountain. It was such an amazing experience and something I will never forget!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed something a little different,

Chloe x

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