Sunday, 1 February 2015

Benefit Rockateur Blush

This blush is simply gorgeous! Everytime I walked past the Benefit counter, in either Debenhams or John Lewis, I always found myself stopping to look at this. In the new year, I was planning on buying this with my Christmas money but unknown to me, my best friend was planning on getting it for me as a birthday present so opening this on 30th December was a lovely surprise (thank you Holly!)

This is hands down my favourite blush and when applied to the cheeks, it looks amazing! The rose gold pigmentation adds the perfect amount of colour to the cheeks and gives you so a gorgeous, healthy boost. It is simply the perfect blush! £23.50 seems a fair amount for a blush compared to the drugstore blush I used to use but I can't see myself going back to it now I have used this. I reach for this everyday and use my MAC highlighter (see previous post for more details) on top of this and can't think of a more beautiful cheek combination than these product together!
Yet another high recommendation for anyone who is a blush lover or anyone simply in need of a new one. I LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!

Chloe x